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Welcome to the JD Illustration, Blog, this is set out to offer a channel and more professional look at my illustration work away from blogger. Blogger will still run but will feature more personal things about me as opposes to being focused on my illustration work.

So what will you see on here: plenty, of projects that haven’t landed on my portfolio website, which can be seen here. This art blog will feature all of the in-between work, sketches and informative posts and what is going on.

Art Posts & News

Animation of a zombie transformation ( illustrated )

This animation and artwork is a speed painting created in Adobe Photoshop. For hardware, I used a Wacom Tablet and a basic black brush in Adobe Photoshop. This piece of artwork is a depiction of a person turning into a zombie over the course of 5 animated frames. A...

How to make a simple 2 frame gif

This post concentrates on how to make a simple 2 frame gif in Adobe Photoshop. There are no fancy skills, plugins or trickery required. All that is required is a copy of Photoshop and a way to draw on your computer. You can draw on your computer with either a mouse or...

Ghost stories of Talland Bay | Lady Of The Lane

Ghost stories of Talland Bay. Talland Bay in Cornwall, is a secluded coastal area nestled between the ports of Looe and Polperro. It was also another prime position for smugglers and pirates. In an area with a rich history in the illicit trade. Talland Bay, like other...

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“We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect illustration that portrays our characteristics so brilliantly – you’ve made our invitations exceed our expectations!”

- Suz

Hello, I am anĀ Artist and Illustrator.

If you would like any assistance with a project feel free to get in touch.

I am based in Wimbledon, London.