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Welcome aboard, this website has been set up to showcase some of my works in progress, (WIPs) sketches, ramblings and useful tips that I hope may be of interest to you. So that is what this website is about, what am I about!

About me
As with most over-used introductions for an Artist or an Illustrator, have drawn pictures for as long as I can remember. I think most children draw, but I continued to do so to this date. I don’t want to talk about some highfaluting nonsense that an eagle came down from a cliff top and insisted that stopped wearing shoes and took up a paintbrush. – it boils down to 1 simple thing, I love to draw and still love to draw. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those that inspired and pushed me.

Timeline Overview!
I grew up on the rugged coastline of Cornwall in a small fishing town called Looe. From Cornwall, I moved up to Cumbria to be a student where I studied design and specialised in illustration. I finished my studies… was a hopeless lost soul and returned back Cornwall for s short stint. After, a short period of roaming around, pondering what to do with myself, I came to London. London is brimming with stuff to inspire you to draw… If you would like to hear more, feel free to sign up!

What I have done, What I can do
I have created fully rendered pencil drawings depicting historical scenes from Tudor times to the Victorian era. I have worked on horror pieces for graphic novels, I have created cover work, private commissions, box art and I have created concept art for games. I am now a London based pencil, concept and digital artist available and looking for the next project.

Secret talent
I should also mention that I can pull silly faces, which often results in eye-rolls or mild laughter!

Thank you for reading

You can either hear a bit more on my portfolio website or have look to see what is going on my Twitter.




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“We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect illustration that portrays our characteristics so brilliantly – you’ve made our invitations exceed our expectations!”

- Suz

Hello, I am anĀ Artist and Illustrator.

If you would like any assistance with a project feel free to get in touch.

I am based in Wimbledon, London.