This animation and artwork is a speed painting created in Adobe Photoshop. For hardware, I used a Wacom Tablet and a basic black brush in Adobe Photoshop.

This piece of artwork is a depiction of a person turning into a zombie over the course of 5 animated frames. A painful zombie transformation, starting from good health to being fully infected.

The artwork was originally called “infected” but I wanted to stay away from the name with the current situation in the world.

The format of this artwork is a gif.

animation of a zombie transformation gif

Zombie transformation gif

This piece of artwork is a sequence of digital speed painted layers stacked on top of each other to create an animation. I wanted the animation to capture the increasing levels of infection in the character.

(The isolated frames are shown below.)

As you watch the animation, you can see the character’s health deteriorate before the parasite or disease fully takes hold.

The change is disfiguring and hideous.

Much of any former semblance of the man has been consumed by an unknown invader or parasite. leaving little more than a moist fleshy husk of a human!

Animation of a zombie transformation – how the gif was created

The animation of a zombie transformation was created in Adobe Photoshop using layers and Timeline window to create a sequence of loosely sketched frames.

animation of a zombie transformation
animation of a zombie transformation
animation of a zombie transformation
animation of a zombie transformation
wounded infected face

These frames – which were a set of speed paints, were then used for the animation.

To start with, I painted the first frame, which was the ‘master’ or a keyframe, and created the other frames from this one.

I wanted the first illustration to depict a healthy male.

As the sequence of frames progresses you get to see the man transform into a Zombie or an infected being. A host for some parasitic life form that will gradually consume the man.

Each layer was painted separately before turning into an animated gif of a Zombie.

Art medium used for zombie gif

The medium used for the animated Zombie could be described as a speed paint in Photoshop. Or digital paint/sketching.

Instead of a wet traditional medium, such as Ink or Acrylic this was pixel.

Hardware – Imac + Wacom Tablet to draw with

Software – Adobe Photoshop

Animation of a zombie transformation – Credits

Thank for taking the time to look at this piece of work that was illustrated and animated by me!

I wanted to create a small animation piece and ‘speed paint’ it together. The whole animated project would not have taken no longer than a couple of hours from start to finish.

I have also added another animation here which is a two-part animation of a Zombie.

If you would like to view other projects please feel free to do so.

Animation of a zombie transformation – Copyright JD illustration. If you would like to ask a question feel free to get in touch.

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