These character sketches were drawn a few years ago now, as far back as 2013, which feels like a long time ago but in the grand scheme of things.

These drawings and sketches were buried deep inside my old blogger website which is now being used for personal purposes. If you would like to have a look you still can but my artwork will feature on there less and less – unless It is something too silly to have a pride of place on my main websites that is.

Character Sketches Inspired By People I have seen in Wimbledon

Doodles, sketches and random faces!
Believe it or not, remember seeing the character sat on the bench above. I looked like that, belly out, smile, shopping bags all around. Looked like he didn’t have a worry in the world!

Many or these drawings were done on commutes going to and from work. Just speed doodles from my sketch pad mostly! Some don’t make a lot of sense. General emotions, people talking, activity etc.

Character Sketches Inspired By People I have seen in Wimbledon.


Random faces

Faces, plus a face I couldn’t tell you what was going on.

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