A drawing of an elephant skull. These elephant skull sketches were studied at the Grant Museum of Zoology which is part of the UCL

The elephant skull fascinated me – in a slightly eerie, strange, and scientific place. This skull, in particular, stood out.

drawing of an elephant skull
Sketches of Elephant Skulls from the Grant Museum

Looking at the strange shape and anatomy of the elephant skull. I knew this was something I would have to draw on that day and take away with me.

So with my sketchpad and pencil, I went about drawing the skull, and what will most likely be a catalyst for ideas at a later date.

The drawing of the Elephant skull (skulls)

These drawings of Elephant skulls are studies from both an adult and young elephant specimen as seen in the Grant Museum.

I am afraid I am unable to offer much insightful biological information into the skulls apart from attempting to draw what I could see at a middle distance.

Elephant Skull Hole

Seeing the elephant skull up close and in person helped me to understand, how – theoretically – the legend of the cyclops may have come to be.

The elegant skull is a truly alien-looking piece of anatomy with what appears a large dark eye socket in the middle of its forehead.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. JD Illustration – drawing of an elephant skull