This video clip shows me adding white space to a piece of artwork and preparing it for the print in a hyper-lapse video. There is very little to write about this apart from sit back enjoy as I brush away the scuff and marks from the pencils drawing.

This video shows me preparing a piece of hand-illustrated artwork for print.

Hyper Lapse Video – MindTap

Preparing my pencil drawing “Mindtap” for print.

Hyper Lapse Video

Mindtap Video

Originally this video was posted on my personal blogger which can be seen here. Since times have come along and I have built a dedicated website and blog for my illustration and works in progress it has been moved to this page and given a dedicated page.

This video is a capture of a desktop and myself removing the scuffs and marks around the drawing.

Mindtap was illustrated by myself using a mechanical pencil and graphite. If you would like to see my work first hand then feel free to sign up to the newsletter or watch this space.

Thank you for reading my clip on the Mindtap

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