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Welcome to the JD Illustration, Blog, this is set out to offer a channel and more professional look at my illustration work away from blogger. Blogger will still run but will feature more personal things about me as opposes to being focused on my illustration work.

So what will you see on here: plenty, of projects that haven’t landed on my portfolio website, which can be seen here. This art blog will feature all of the in-between work, sketches and informative posts and what is going on.

Art Posts & News

Drawing of an Elephant skull

A drawing of an elephant skull. These elephant skull sketches were studied at the Grant Museum of Zoology which is part of the UCL The elephant skull fascinated me – in a slightly eerie, strange, and scientific place. This skull, in particular, stood out. Sketches of...

What is the real Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh (art)

What is the real Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh (art)

What is the real mary kings close Edinburgh - The Real Mary King's close in Edinburgh is a “close” in a historic part of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile. The close was partially demolished and the foundations of the Royal Exchange was built upon the close's top. The...

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“We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect illustration that portrays our characteristics so brilliantly – you’ve made our invitations exceed our expectations!”

- Suz

Hello, I am an Artist and Illustrator.

If you would like any assistance with a project feel free to get in touch.

I am based in Wimbledon, London.