Pencil Monster Sketches
1 or 2 of these images may be familiar to some of you as they have featured inside my printed brochure. These depictions of horror, monsters and sickly tentacle-like tongue were random doodles that have been taken from my sketchbook.

Often theses drawings were created and sketched down onto paper on lunch-breaks, train journey’s and any moments I could find free time. There is very little else to explain on that part.

Tongue Sketch + Monsters | Pencil & Graphite

Monster tongue pencil drawing
Monster Tongue –

Many of the drawings are little more obscure thoughts, relaxation and texture experimentation. Such as the mass of bumps in the bottom right hand corner.

Mutated face – Veiled ones

Veiled one, monster tongue and mutated face drawing
Monster + Creature Sketches

The drawings above were experiment / sketch created whilst waiting for train journey to finish.

End of the post of pencil monster sketches… more to come!

Thank you for looking at this post feel free to either look the very first sketch post here – or view my portfolio website – JD illustration.