Sketches of people! While updating my website and checking through my artwork, I felt it was past time that I added something new.

In this post, I wanted to share some of my ‘people sketches‘ also known as ‘figure drawing sketches‘. Many of these sketches are fast and loose doodles taken from my surroundings and from my mind’s eye.

Some such examples of where these drawings came from:-

  • When out and about in general public.
  • In and around London.
  • Off the top of my head
  • Or just wherever my pencil wonders too

The world has a rich tapestry of characters out there!

Figure Sketches | Sketches of people

Here are some of my figure sketches for you to thumb through, please do so at your own leisure.

Anatomy of Lower Legs and Forearms + Bits

Lower legs, forearms! People don’t draw enough of them, and all are part of the human figure. When studying lower legs I wanted to take an analytical approach. I wanted to study the tendons, muscle structure, and the tension in the muscles according to how the legs move! Structure is important for authenticity whether you are a cartoonist or a person that studies and draws the human form.

When studying the subject of anatomy, such as the limbs, I like to break the artwork down into simple shapes. This helps me both observe and learn how the muscles go together when I come away from my observation.

The drawings were taken from still life and reference books.

study of lower legs and forearms - Sketches of people  - study

Study of Special Someone – Portrait Sketch

This is a study of my special somebody reading a book, minding their own business. This is an older piece that I felt had some heart and that I wanted to share.

The figure interrupting an otherwise pleasant sketch is a character that I had taken inspiration from when commuting to and from work. I would like to say it’s an exaggerated representation … but that would be a lie. They were content being on show anyway, or so it seamed.

Characters and figures - Sketches of people

Walking Woman | Sketches of people

Fast and loose sketch of a woman walking toward the viewer.

figure sketch, woman walking forward - Sketches of people

Other Sketches of people

Thank you. I shall endeavor to add more artwork in the future.

Looe-based smuggler
Historic depiction of Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh.

Perhaps slightly more weird and wonderful stuff such as HeadLeg , or a sketch of an elephant skull from a zoological museum.

Sketches of people and elephant skull

JD illustration 2023