Covid Lockdown Artwork – Interestingly, this piece of artwork was created during one of the various lockdowns that happened here in the UK. A time when we could barely allowed to leave our homes due to an unknown and unseeable assailant was out to get us. It was a weird time, and if somebody were to say to me in 2018 or early 2019, that there would be a pandemic – I would have been quick to place them in the ‘crazy gang’.

Little did I know!

This is an incidental drawing from a wandering mind. A wandering mind that was left locked in a very small London flat and a wandering pencil… fingernails grew, hair grew, morale dropped, back ached… I could go on.

The original drawing would have been created on an A4 Cartridge pad using a mechanical pencil.

Covid Lockdown Artwork - Corona Snouts

Allowing my imagination to roam and my pencil to follow

Partway through this sketch, I looked down into my lap and set my eyes upon a twisted mass of elephant-trunked flesh and human faces almost fused as one.

Feel free to interpret this drawing as you will, that is what art is for after all.

This is a human interpretive drawing, of a very human situation in a raw time in our history.

You could say the piece above is an expressive piece of artwork.

Some may shudder and think back, and others may agree in the feeling of being choked both physically on mentally. Others may laugh with a dark and macabre sense of humour as to say “Yeah, I remember that”. There is nothing wrong with gallows humour, it is what helps us get through dark and solemn times. Such as things still are.

See and feel as you will with the drawing.


Covid lockdown drawing – my thoughts and comments

When drawing, I sometimes find that I go into a state of soothing meditation – a state of deep focus I suppose – an inaudible hum, which can only be felt and not heard, and even harder still to explain.

Drawing is both a passion and an escape. It also also my work on some projects ( can read more on my portfolio website if interested ). But, getting back to the pencils is something I typically look forward to.

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Other COVID artwork

I presume I have more sketches and pieces of artwork tucked away in a folder yet to be scanned. Some may be crumpled in the bottom of a box, occupying a corner of a notepad, or just sandwiched between bills or other pieces of artwork. I will go on the hunt for these drawings at some stage…

But I may not show these drawings to the general public on the Internet.

I think a certain degree of secret or mystery can always add a little bit more excitement, as opposed to sharing absolutely everything you have to share about all things. Too much is for free, and in internet has too much for free for too long!

Covid Lockdown Artwork & Similar

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Or if you would like to commission me for a sketch or drawing, I am open to this too.

Covid Lockdown Artwork elephant drawing skulls

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