These creature drawings were salvaged from my sketchbook and I felt that they deserved a bit of daylight and TLC.

These creature drawings were smudged to the point where a lot of the shading had been rubbed off, leaving bald spots and greasy smears across the artwork. The line-work had also been blurred from when the sketchbook had been closed and placed inside my bag.

I think a big part of this smudging was due to the movement of the cartridge pad whilst traveling to and from work.

The boring details aside, here are some of the insights into these beings.

These creature drawings, these being that look as though they neither in pain nor pleased with their debilitating proportions, are fabrications from a strange daydream and world or in other words – my imagination.

Below are the details about the creature drawings themselves.

Headleg | Creature Drawing

Headleg Creature Drawing
Headleg – Creature Drawing

This creature – Headleg, I would say is a somewhat mischievousness character. I feel that he is also averse to confrontation and does his utmost to stay out of plain sight. Headleg ambles about trying to avoid bumping his chin along the ground by picking up items with his doll hand as and where he can.

This drawing was created using a mechanical pencil on a cartridge paper.

Original date | unsure around 2016


Fourleg Creature Drawing
Fourleg Creature Drawing

A partner drawing to Headleg – Fourleg is another oddity than ambles around a distant corner of my mind, although his affliction is somewhat worse. He is disoriented by the fact he is upside down.

Where one can come across as grumpy and passive-aggressive the other creature is confused and erratic. Of the two, Fourleg is the most chaotic.

Creature Drawings – Summary – Headleg & Fourleg

Thank you for reading this post about these drawings and taking an interest in my artwork. The likes or Headleg and Fourleg are not complete a one-off. As time goes along and my mind strays into itself I dare to say I shall produce more these drawings and sketches in due course.

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