It was pastime I shared my drawings of some of my witch charms. If you are wondering what inspired this, the truthful answer is a visit to the witching museum in Cornwall in between Lockdowns.

My visit to the museum Inspired a bit of the ‘fiction a fantasy’ in me again. As always, I wanted to draw something strange. And the Witching Museum provided a wealth of artistic inspiration.

Witches of Weird | Drawing The Bizarre

The intriguing and unusual have always captivated me. It sends my imagination into overdrive and the witchcraft part was an interesting topic. I could picture these images in a book or as part of a theatrical setting.

Much of the charms and paraphernalia I witnessed in that museum in north Cornwall, I found both a little bit unsettling and fascinating. There was the creepy, the bizarre, and the downright funny, such as the fart bottle. The fart bottle for those of your that are interested was used to catch particularly smelly spirits from people’s rear ends – and yes it was actually a thing.

My artwork in this post is a piece of fiction, inspired by real items.

Beasthead Witch Charm – The Custodian

I always imagined this charm to be a bit unsettling. Although it can be hung up on a door or wall it still works as an effective sentry or watcher. The disembodied beast’s head is still alive, with one eye capable of following the intruder.

Drawings Of Witch Charms | custodian

This charm would be a gatekeeper and protector.

This charm was illustrated with mechanical pencils.

The laughing head charm – The Conversationalist

Some of you may imagine this to be the actual life-size head, but I have imagined this charm to be small enough to fit into your pocket. The most shrunken head ever – the size of a plum. But there is a catch. I think this head has plenty to say still.

Imagine that you’re walking around your house, and you hear a strange little voice. Firstly you think you’re hearing things, but the little voice continues – it persists! It is not in your head. Oh no. It this charm wittering away.

Drawings Of Witch Charms | Laughing Head

This charm was illustrated with a mechanical pencil on cartridge paper. It was then scanned and turned to full grayscale, ( my scanner has a slight habit of washing out artwork ). The actual drawing is only a couple of inches in size.

Witch Charm Drawing – The Ward

With its haunting stare, this skewered charm can be mounted in any location. From the back of a cupboard, it can either ward or invite malevolent spirits.

Remember to keep a watchful eye if you find this mysterious horror placed somewhere without your knowledge.

Drawings Of Witch Charms | the ward

Drawing the charms

It was a delight drawing these little macabre representations. It is a topic that lets the imagination wander in an array of directions.

If you would be interested in commissioning me or licensing artwork, do let me know.

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