This piece of artwork is what I call The Dawn Chorus, a picture that depicts an Undead Swamp Zombie rising up from the fetid marshes and marching forth to wander the plains of the living looking to dine of the warm flesh of peasants, vagrants, and virgins…

Avert one’s eyes! For this beast will come for you!

This illustration is an image of a Swamp Zombie rising up from the dirty water of an old bog or marshland and preparing to take its weary steps into our world.

I wanted to capture some of the muscles and torn skin in this image revealing the contrasting red raw flesh beneath – a colour contrast to the pea-green of its skin.

Artwork of Undead Swamp Zombie
Illustration Undead – Artwork of Swamp Zombie

Creating the artwork of the Undead Swamp Zombie

The Undead Artwork of Swamp Zombie was created using mixed media.

Pencils formed the baseline drawing from which the rest of the artwork and colour would come later.

A large portion of the project was then later filled/digitally painted in Photoshop and saved.

What I wanted the artwork to convey

It was as a much a creature design for a hulking mass of zombie strength as it was beast that I wanted to have some humanity still remaining in its partially decayed mind.

The swamp zombie is looking down at its hand, trying to understand who it is, where has it been and why it has been in a deep sleep. It’s the cruel irony of the picture as we, the viewer know what it is, and in due course so will it.

Almost naked, but not quite.

To show or the muscular body and the potential power of this beast I wanted to show some of its bare animal body. Seeing its bare body is something people will either find fascinating or unsettling.

I would be happy with either reaction, considering it is a partially decayed monster that is covered in spots and hard warts.

More Undead Artwork

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Artwork Copyright Jimm Odell, JD Illustration

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